Navigating the OpenSciEd Materials

This navigation strategy provides a detailed description of the OpenSciEd unit materials
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About This Strategy

The first step in implementing the OpenSciEd curriculum effectively is to understand the curriculum materials. In this strategy, we will walk through a teacher's guide, supporting materials, and unit-at-a-glance to deepen our understanding of the materials, supports, and content within each OpenSciEd instructional unit.

OpenSciEd Supporting Materials

  • The OpenSciEd Teacher Guide details the individual components of a specific unit's teacher guide. Also, the supporting materials for planning for an OpenSciEd instructional unit are highlighted. 
  • The OpenSciEd Unit-At-A-Glance document provides a brief summary of the 5 instructional practices with OpenSciEd, as well as a quick look at the unit-at-a-glance from Unit 6.1 to identify key areas of support and how the routines show up within an instructional unit.