Whacky Wednesday

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SWBAT to sort words by initial sounds. Student Objective: With a flyswatter, I can whack all the words that begin with W.

Big Idea

With a twist, students can identify the words that begin with the initial sound w, by whacking them with a flyswatter.


5 minutes

The children come into the room on Wednesday with many of their routines mixed up: the mailboxes were turned around, the homework basket has been moved, the weather graph is upside down, the calendar is turned around, chairs are on the tables, etc.  There is an atmosphere of joy, confusion and silliness.  The children ask what I did to the room, but I act confused, too.   

I think what we have here is a case of Wacky Wednesday!  Do you know what this means?  Why don't you come over to the rug and I will read another story by our Author of the Month, Dr. Seuss. It is called Wacky Wednesday, and maybe it will help us figure out what happened today.

Are these supposed to be upside down? 


15 minutes

After reading the book, I ask:

What do you think about what happened in our classroom now?  Do you think we were having our own Wacky Wednesday?  Well, I have another plan about how we can celebrate Wacky Wednesday, but we would have to change the spelling of Wacky to Whacky.  The first spelling tells us that it is a silly day, but the second spelling means we are going to hit something.

(Generally there are gasps from the students because we are not supposed to hit in school.)

We are going to play a game that involves flyswatters and all of those words that I have written on the board.  I will divide you into two teams--the yellow team with the yellow flyswatter, and the green team with the green flyswatter, and you will sit down in a line.

When it is your turn, you will come up to the board with the flyswatter ready to hit the Word on the board that I say.  The first person to hit the word, gets a point for their team.

Teams must behave like good sports and also must stay sitting down so that everyone can see. Who can tell me what it means to be a good sport? That's right.  A good sport is someone who cheers for their team, but also encourages the other team.  What is something that a bad sport might do?  (Take a couple suggestions.)  This game is meant to be fun, but the fun can be taken away by someone who is a bad sport.  If someone is being a bad sport, I will take a point away from his team.

Are you ready to play?  First person in each line comes up.  The word is "we". (And so the game goes until everyone has had a turn.)

I like to have the children play a game like this because it touches on different modalities of learning: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile. Using different modalities touches on all the different ways in which learners acquire, process, and demonstrate what they know. 

Gina Whacks a Word

Whack-a-Word Game


10 minutes

Everyone has had a turn and we have had a number of chances to practice reading the words on the board.  I would like you now to focus on only the words that begin with a "W".  Who can see a words that begins with "W"? Raise you hand if you would like me to call on you.

After practicing the words, I tell the children that they will be making My W Word List.  My paper passers hand out the list paper and the children go to their tables to write.  I can see who is able to follow along by the words they are writing on the sheets.  If a child finishes early, they can read their new W words list to a friend or to me.