Fitting in the Counterclaim & Final Typing Day

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SWBAT determine where their counterclaim fits into their essay, as well as make final touch ups on their drafts by following the final argument checklist.

Big Idea

Where does the opposite side of the claim fit into an argument? Students make final touches on their argument essays.

Examining Counterclaims, Continued

15 minutes

This lesson is directly connected to the previous day's lesson. Students continued to present their counterclaim paragraphs.

Here is one Student Work Sample: Counterclaim, Stricter Gun Laws, that a student chose to share in front of the class. The class participated in giving him feedback. It also helped for him to read his paragraph out loud, because he was then able to catch some mistakes on his own, that he had previously missed.

Here is another Student Sample: Electric Car Counterclaim.

Final Draft Work Time & Checklist Completion

45 minutes

By this day, I've submitted feedback to all of my students and they're now ready to finish typing. Before they begin, I pass out a, Final Argument Checklist, and I'll also put it on the Promethean Board. Students can use this as a final checklist before they submit their final drafts.

They should include their counterclaim paragraphs, as well as a brief conclusion to wrap up their thoughts. Some people asked if they use their counterclaim paragraphs as conclusions. I said this might work.

This is the kids last day to work on their arguments.

Here are two great samples of student work:

In this video, I talk through superb student argument sample.

Student Sample: Fast Food Final Argument Essay (printed copy of sample featured above)

Student Sample: Stricter Gun Laws, Final Argument

Reading Log Check-In & Silent Reading

15 minutes

Whenever possible, I like to include silent, independent reading. During this time, I actively monitor their reading progress by checking their out-of-class reading logs and engaging in reading conferences that cover a variety of topics.


To find ways to enact this section, please see my strategy folder.