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SWBAT write the equation of a hyperbola and graph hyperbolas.

Big Idea

Students identify and make use of the structure of an equation as they learn to graph hyperbolas.

Warm-up: Review Homework

5 minutes

I know that conic sections are very difficult for my students so I want to be sure to give plenty of time to review homework in class and for students to help each other. When student first enter class today, I give 5 minutes to review last nights’ Homework in their teams. After five minutes I ask each team to text in the question they had the most difficulty understanding as a team. I will then go over the most difficult question as determined by the class.

Introduction: Modeling Hyperbolas

20 minutes

My students can always use more practice on decoding mathematical language and applying formulas. To start class off today I model how I would go about figuring out hyperbolas with only the provided information on the Student Handout - Hyperbolas Summary.  I give every student the Handout. Then, I work through some problems from the Hyperbolas PowerPoint. I over-emphasize any opportunity to demonstrate skills related to Mathematical Practice 7: identify and make use of structure in mathematics.

Since I am giving students the Summary, during today's lesson students will spend less time identifying the structure, but they will gain valuable practice! The Hyperbolas Video Narrative provides more detail on how I will use the presentation in front of the class.

Application: Hyperbolas

15 minutes

I want students to get started on Student Worksheet - Hyperbolas in class and complete the rest for homework.  These problems are not routine for students. Each varies from the examples that I modeled subtly, so I predict many students will need the support from their team.

My goal is for students to persevere in breaking down the problems: (a) identifying what they know, (b) figuring out what they need to learn, and (c) making a plan to get there. (Do I see another opportunity for improvement on a mathematical practice? Yes I do! Mathematical Practice 1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them).


Students should complete the Student Worksheet - Hyperbolas for homework tonight. It will be Homework #5 for the Conic Sections unit.