Final Exam Review Stations (Day 1 of 3)

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SWBAT apply their knowledge of diverse mathematical techniques to solve problems involving triangles in a summary exercise.

Big Idea

Students review by working through various stations at their own pace and receive immediate feedback on their work.

Getting Ready

2 minutes

The Review Stations require prep work before the lesson begins. Copies will need to be made first. 

  • For the Review Stations pages 1-2 and 3-4 can be copied front to back, but pages 5-7 need to be copied single sided as they will need to be placed at separate stations. (Basically each station should be copied on a separate sheet of paper.)
  • The Station Hints and the Stations Answer Keys should be copied single sided so that they can be cut them apart and distributed at the appropriate stations.

I like to copy the Answer Keys using one color and the Stattion Hints using a different color. I copy the students’ worksheet on white paper. Color coding helps students to keep track papers that should move and stay as students circulate.

In my classroom I create 10 stations with 3 desks per station. I didn’t want to have teams larger than 3 students so I just doubled up the stations (10 stations), but students only needed to visit 5 of them. 

At each station there should be one set of Station papers and the answer from the previous station.

I like to place these papers in different manila folders to keep them organized and to keep the answers out of sight of the other stations. Check out Final Exam Review Stations Video to see how I run the stations! I also plan to set out a Formula Sheet and calculators at particular stations.

As students arrive, I selectively introduce them to a Station. Since the students will visit different stations this is a relatively random process. I emphasize to students that today the expectation is that they will be self-assessing their learning. I encourage my students to treat this activity as a series of practice tests. Since we are reviewing, I encourage students to use the Hint Sheets thoughtfully. I'll say something like, "Make sure that you take a note of what you need to review before the exam."

Depending on the class and the time of day, I will consider whether or not I want students to work independently or collaboratively. The exam will obviously be an individual exercise, but, I don't want students to feel to constrained. I usually choose to  let my students put on their headphones and work at their own pace. I often allow my students listen to music during individual work time because they see it as a reward for working hard and a sign of respect for their personal preferences.

Earlier in the year I ran Review Stations using a timer. Today, I want students to work at a pace that suits them. 

Review Stations

40 minutes

Since this is a 3-day lesson, the pacing is important. Today, I expect all of my students to visit two stations. As they complete a second station, I let students move to the next station to check their work before leaving for the day.

When the period ends, I ask my students to make a note of where they are currently working. We'll start in the same positions tomorrow. I take a mental picture so that I can set things up tomorrow. 



8 minutes

During the last few minutes of this class, I plan to have my students complete a Cliff Notes, Jr. closure. We will use this same closing task for the two lessons as well. My goal is that by the end of Day 3 each student will have a personal “cheat sheet” to study from along with many practice problems from their work at the stations.