Support educators to use the Derivita platform to support student-centered math learning

About Derivita


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Derivita is a technology platform that provides teachers with a vast library of randomized secondary math problems, and affords students the opportunity to receive immediate feedback on their responses. It can support student-centered math learning by giving students the opportunity to check their own understanding in real time and to exercise agency in seeking out additional practice problems. Teachers can use Derivita to help students develop a growth mindset about their math learning, and to increase two-way communication about students' math thinking.

How We Support Teachers with Derivita

BetterLesson supports teachers to determine how and when to use Derivita's wealth of math problems and feedback tools in order to create useful, relevant, aligned assignments that support all students to access grade-level math content with confidence.

BetterLesson supports teachers to engage students in meaningful math learning experiences, to empower students to take ownership of checking their understanding using Derivita's feedback tools, and to help students cultivate a growth mindset and a sense of efficacy around their individual progress. 

BetterLesson supports teachers to interpret and analyze data from the Derivita assignments that students submit in order to inform planning and instruction.

BetterLesson supports math teachers to use Derivita in order to identify and communicate with students about which math concepts the students have mastered or need additional support in, so that they can work together to figure out the student's next steps.



BetterLesson's coaching and workshops are focused on specific topics.
I can use the Derivita SpotCheck tool to engage students and check for understanding.

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